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A Tale of Ambiance in Southwest D.C. At Perch SW Rooftop Lounge

A Tale of Ambiance in Southwest D.C.

Our story is one of passion and dedication in creating a unique space among Washington D.C. bars. Our journey reflects a deep appreciation for the art of hospitality, blending innovative dining with a welcoming atmosphere. Each element, from the carefully crafted menu to the thoughtfully designed space, embodies our dedication to providing an unforgettable experience. Our history is not just about creating a bar, but about building a community where every guest feels at home and every visit is memorable. 
The Perch Culture

The Perch Culture

Perch SW Rooftop Lounge embodies the vibrant spirit of Southwest D.C. Experience a blend of the city's energy with a nostalgic neighborhood charm. Our 6,000 square-foot venue atop the Cambria Hotel offers an unparalleled cityscape view, capturing iconic landmarks like the Fredrick Douglas Bridge and the Washington Monument. Perch represents the hip and lively essence of Southwest D.C. offering a unique blend of urban sophistication and a welcoming atmosphere. 
Meet Our Culinary Master At Perch SW Rooftop Lounge

Meet Our Culinary Master

Chef Malcolm Mitchell is the culinary mastermind behind Perch SW Rooftop Lounge. His menu is a celebration of the rich, multicultural tapestry of our community, presented through exquisite flavors and artistic presentation. Signature dishes like Grit Croquettes with Smoked Tomato Sauce and New Zealand Lamb Chops with Oxtail Merlot Sauce showcase his innovative approach. 
Our Cocktail Program At Perch SW Rooftop Lounge

Our Cocktail Program

The cocktail culture at Perch is meticulously crafted by Donta Lee. Balancing classic and contemporary, our cocktail menu is an exploration of unique flavors and fresh ingredients. Signature drinks like The Southern Old Fashion, The Rapture, and The Smoke in The Garden highlight our commitment to innovative mixology. Our Liquid Chefs are dedicated to enhancing seasonal favorites, creating an experience perfect for our sophisticated and chic ambiance.